The Gift – a writer’s extra

Some good writing blogs I heard about on the children’s writing list today:

The Longstockings. It’s eight writers who discuss areas of interest to writers and readers of children’s and teen literature. They share info about the next two blogs.

The first blog, Pound, is by a 36-year-old children’s book editor in Chicago who also writes about body image, weight issues and the diet culture. She has an entry for beginning children’s writers entitled:

Seven things I would tell you about publishing a children’s book if you bought me a drink and didn’t mind me getting all worked up.

She is irreverent, doesn’t mince her language and very informative.

The second blog is: Editorial Anonymous – A Blog of a Children’s Book Editor. The site description of who Editorial Anonymous is reads as follows:

Editorial Anonymous’ anecdotes are mostly true. Names of authors, illustrators, editors, agents, publishers, manuscripts, and a few random nouns have been changed to protect her ass.

LOTS of good information on the day-to-day workings in publishing.


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