The Gift

I received a nice note about my blog a couple weeks ago from a man who does career counseling. I visited his site and noticed the many comments from people who were guided and helped by his thoughts. While I am not in any of the fields he deals with for careers (though I used to be in pharmaceuticals) and can’t speak to whether anyone else will like it or find it helpful, I offer his site for others to check out.

I did like his Feb 26 2008 post about dealing with your kids career choices. An excerpt:

“As Parents, most of us do, want the best for our children. However, one of the worst things we can do is make fun of the decisions our kids make or put them down rather than building their self-esteem. Dream for your children but be happy with the choices they make in their career path. We have to accept them for who they are, whatever ability God gives them as their gift to society.

All I ever wanted for our children is for them to be their very best. It has not been my goal to direct any of them into the same mold or career path as we’ve enjoyed. Life is about living with integrity and good character regardless of where we are.

Success is not about making money or being rich. Yes, it’s nice to have the means to provide well for your family, but in society today it’s possible in most occupations for us to be successful and responsible.”

Having a son in college, I can relate truly and I loved Randy’s observation that every generation thinks the next one is on its way to failure. 🙂 His comments about what success really is about, resonated with the feelings in my heart. So if you like this, maybe visit the site and read the whole article.

The site is: Career Advice by Randy. The author is a man name Randy Nichols.


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