The Post – A Followup to Lee Woodruff and Caring for Our Injured Soldiers


I received a comment on March 7th’s post about Lee Woodruff and her Book, In An Instant. Usually I respond directly on the comment for that post, but decided to respond with a post of it’s own. I do not have personal experience with this group and cannot vouch for them. If of interest, here is the information. There is a Washington Post article that is included in the comment that may be of interest.

First, the comment:

Richard Anderson | | |

I have read Lee and Bob Woodruff’s book, In an Instant, and it rings true. The Woodruffs were actually very lucky, thanks to top-quality medical care, and possibly divine intervention as well! It is very much to their credit that they have now started their Family Fund for Iraq war veterans and others with TBI.

As President of the Well Spouse Association (, 1-800-838-0879), a non-profit, 501(c)(3) grassroots organization offering peer support to husbands, wives or partners of people with chronic illness and/or disability, I should know.

About 10% of our members are caregivers to spouses or partners with TBI. In this and other chronic illness situations, it can be a life sentence. They need support to help them feel they are not alone in their caregiver journey. Lee Woodruff made that clear in her book in speaking out about her own experience.

Thank you for a perceptive post. For another perceptive look at the life of a spousal caregiver, read the Washington Post Magazine story, The Vow, p. W10, March 9, 2008, about a WSA member whose wife has Huntington’s Disease, here:

Lee Woodruff noted that there are many small groups and large national groups, including some within the military, working to help the families of traumatic brain injury patients. I imagine there are resources out there for other illnesses as well, offering support to family members. To find a support group, or verify that a group is legitimate, asked your physician, VA, hospital social worker, ask at your military base, or veteran’s groups. Usually these places will have further information on a support group or a place you can contact to locate support.

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2 Responses to “The Post – A Followup to Lee Woodruff and Caring for Our Injured Soldiers”

  1. Richard Anderson Says:

    Hello again:

    Thanks for posting my response to your March 7 blog, as a further blog entry in Soul Mosaic. I need to make one correction:

    The URL for the Washington Post story I gave you was incorrect. This will get people there:

    Richard Anderson, President, Well Spouse Association

  2. The Gift - An Extra for Well Spouses from My Post About Lee Woodruff « Soul Mosaic Says:

    […] about a support organization for well spouses of chronically ill individuals, which I provided as a March 9 full posting. As part of his comment, he quoted a Washington Post article about spousal caregivers. However, the […]

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