The Gift

For those who love anything to do with the movie and book I mentioned in my anniversary post, 84 Charing Cross Road, here is a website that started in 2003 to: “…put together a brief history of one of London’s, if not the world’s, most famous bookshops, Marks & Co, 84 Charing Cross Road, London WC2.”

There is everything from a history of the store, pictures, info on the actual people that worked there, including Frank Doel, FPD, and pictures of them. The website owner has had help from some of the employees’ daughters and the site continues to seek out any information on the store, the people, and the antiquarian book trade, to update the site.

One of the links is to a site on Helene Hanff. It’s run by a woman from England whose dream was to go to New York and visit Helene, which she was able to do before Helene died in 1997. The site has books, interviews, audio clips, etc.

Both are great sites and if you love the movie, the books, the bookstore, or the author, I recommend them.


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One Response to “The Gift”

  1. Weeza Says:

    I too heartily recommend them! I ran across those sites after seeing the film, and visit them often.
    That book and the film have both become somewhat of an obsession of mine.
    Thanks for recommending them to others!

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