The Gift – An Under the Pier Extra: Why Rosa Hates Dean Martin

Even though we all know by now that Rosa hates “that bum Dean,” of course the rest of us don’t necessarily have to feel the same way. For those of you who love Dean Martin, here’s a blog site I came across from a reader who wanted to know what Rosa had against Dean Martin. The website is “Ilovedinomartin.”

And for anyone who wants to know why Rosa hates Dean, well, my answer to the person who wrote me was:

“You know, that’s probably an ‘age has its privilege’ thing. Rosa is old and opinionated. I suspect she must have liked Jerry Lewis and blamed Dean Martin for the duo’s breakup. And being Rosa, she is very loyal to those she loves. So in her eyes, if Dean crossed Jerry, he crossed her, plain and simple. ) Thanks for the note and rest assured, Dean is not banned in my house.”

The bottom line is that you can never know what your characters will like and dislike. You just have to respect that they have their own minds and won’t always agree with their authors. 🙂

And by the way, credit where credit is due. It was a comment of my husband’s that first clued me in to the fact that all was not well between Rosa and Dean….

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7 Responses to “The Gift – An Under the Pier Extra: Why Rosa Hates Dean Martin”

  1. dino martin peters Says:

    Hey pallie Debra, I am indebted to you kind writer lady for sharin’ with your audience the ol’ Dinoblog and invite them to stop by anytime they Dinodesire. Interestin’ that it was your husband who identified that tension that Miss Rosa has with the King of Cool. Happy editin’….

  2. Keith Says:

    Hello Debra. Great to see that you mention that Dinoblog. I love that blog. I’m a huge fan of Dean Martin. My pallie DMP does a fantastic job sharing so much about Dino on that blog. You can definitely see his love and devotion to Dean Martin and his legacy. I hope you and others will check it out.

  3. debrabailey Says:

    My thanks to both Dino here and Keith for stopping by and for your comments. I did visit the Dinoblog and I can see that it is a labor of love and beautifully done. I was happy to share the news.

    I also appreciated the offer to mention my book when it is out. I will keep that in mind.

    My best to you both!

  4. dino martin peters Says:

    hey pallie Debra, the thanks goes to you kind lady for sharin’ my Dinopassion with others who love our Dino!!!! Again, best wishes as you edit your tome….have a great week, and why not play some Dino when Rosa is not ’round.

  5. debrabailey Says:

    I think I hear the distant lyrics of “In Napoli where love is king, when boy meets girl, here’s what they say…..” 🙂

  6. dino martin peters Says:

    loves it pallie Debra, loves it!

  7. Keith Says:

    Hello Debra. Your welcome. Glad you checked out the Dinoblog. It’s always great to listen to some Dino tunes during the day. It can brighten up any day.

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