The Gift – A Gentle Friday Extra

I was just standing bleary-eyed at the kitchen sink staring out at the back yard when I saw movement on the pond’s dam behind our house. Looking closer I spotted 4 young female deer, strung out in a straight line across the dam. I knew deer had been around because for the last month, I’ve seen the characteristic hoof prints in the soft earth behind our house.

They moved out a bit further onto the dam, then halted for several seconds. Their light brown coats almost totally blended into the background of tree limbs and bare bushes that have only the hint of baby green leaves on them yet.

They stood motionless for several seconds, then tentatively, almost fearfully, they put one dainty paw in front of the other. Two of them crept across the dam, scanning for danger as they made their way to the cover of some bushy trees on the other side. The other two, small, very young, gently picked their way down the steep slope toward the pond. They seemed to want a drink but every time they got close to the water’s edge, they backed away and tried a new spot. I don’t know if they were just too skittish to relax enough to take a drink – after all, in the wild, drinking holes are places of ambush – or if the slope just felt too steep and they feared lowering their heads and losing their balance.

These two finally joined the others under the canopy of tree branches and I could see them approaching the water again. Given they were so sheltered, I couldn’t tell if they succeeded. The next thing I saw was one or two of them slowly circling the swimming pool that belongs to the condos across the way, then all of them disappeared down into the wooded area below the dam.

They were beautiful, peaceful, vulnerable, gentle. I just thought a Friday might need to start out with something serene and pastoral….

If you’re more visual, I found this picture on the web at Pictopia, that resembles the young deer I saw this morning.

Happy, gentle Friday.


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