The Post – The Odd Couple: Walter Winchell & Mother Teresa

It’s interesting that Walter Winchell and Mother Teresa said something very similar even though the two were worlds apart. Winchell invented the gossip column and initially hung out with gangsters. Mother Teresa looked after the poor. But both understood something about real friendship I guess.

Winchell commented that a true friend walks in the door when everyone else walks out. I imagine he must have known that firsthand, given he spilled many a secret on many a celebrity. I expect he knew the value of a real friend, working in a world where what was real, was hard to tell.

Mother Teresa once commented that “If I ever become a Saint — I will surely be one of ‘darkness.’ I will continually be absent from Heaven — to light the light of those in darkness on earth.”

Her love for those she worked with here was such that the idea of leaving anyone behind while she went off to paradise, was not something she could abide. She lived in a world of looking after all of those the world walked out on. In life, it was Mother Teresa who walked in the door. In death, I expect she has probably found a way to continue to do that, if only as a cool breeze on the face of a sick person in the noon heat, a star glowing brighter than the others in the night sky, or one of those fleeting moments of hope during a day of total despair.

A true friend walks in, walks beside, can’t abide leaving someone behind. An odd couple, Walter Winchell and Mother Teresa.


3 Responses to “The Post – The Odd Couple: Walter Winchell & Mother Teresa”

  1. Mark M Zima Says:

    If you are interested in learning more about Mother Teresa’s teachings, I have written a book, Mother Teresa: The Case for The Cause. My book is an intensively researched book exploring the faith and morals of Mother Teresa as compared to Catholic and Christian standards. My book is also unique in that there is no book currently in print that explores the faith Mother Teresa practiced in light of the faith she professed.

    Peace & Grace,
    Mark M Zima

  2. debrabailey Says:

    I read the description of your book on Amazon and it interests me. I am not sure of anyone else’s stance, but I respect her for what appears to be her willingness to encourage a Hindu to be a better Hindu and a Muslim, a better Muslim.

    I noticed that one reviewer for your book commented:
    “His book proves that Mother Teresa did not staunchly defend the Catholic Faith. Instead, she believed that truth is relative and that all religions are pleasing to God.”

    I will have to read your book. If that reviewer is correct, that only endears Mother Teresa to me more.

    Thank you for bringing your book to my attention.


  3. Mark M Zima Says:

    Thank you for your interest deb. Happy reading!

    Mark Zima

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