The Post – From the Almighty: “Incoming!”

“If I bore the sins of all in My agonized heart…on Calvary, then when you seek to punish others whom you despise, you punish and despise me.”

From the April 3rd reading in God at Eventide

This one caught me off guard the first time I read it years ago. It was one of those entries you read, swallow hard, remember how many times you were guilty of this, and you hope nobody else finds out because you feel like a jerk.

Then there’s that moment of fear, that “I mere mortal, have probably pissed off God” and you start looking over your shoulder for the incoming lightening bolt.

The truth is, the God I believe in, is not about vengeance. A God of total love doesn’t need to have vengeance. Humans often want it, but a being of total love can’t even comprehend that. So, I don’t expect there’ll be any cries of “INCOMING” from the Almighty.

Frankly though, after I thought about it, I almost wanted the lightening bolt. Instead of anger, what I heard in those words was sorrow. God helped somebody, set them free, and I came along and dumped all over everyone. Who wants to admit making God feel bad? Makes you almost want to volunteer for hell, just to make God feel better.

The reality is that’s not the answer, and hell isn’t even a creation of God. We create it. It’s within. There was joy and love until I came along like the rain cloud and crabbed at someone. I did it thinking I’d feel better, in the end I felt worse. I created my own hell….and spread it around.

So, I guess, maybe the answer to prevent pain for both me and God, can be found in the Buddhist idea of “come back to the breath.” As you open your mouth to retort, instead of letting words out, first, breathe in. At least it will take you a couple seconds longer to say something you’ll regret later. And who knows, you might even say something you won’t regret as much. I don’t imagine God expects miracles. He might actually smile to hear a few less insults thrown. You count your progress where you can…. 🙂

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