The Post – A Single Mosaic in the Pavement of Success

“Simple tasks, faithfully done and persisted in, bring their own reward, and are the mosaics being laid in the pavement of success.”

The April 13th entry from the daily meditation book, God Calling, was one of those I underlined and highlighted. Another one of those I obviously found helpful. Then the lightbulb went off. It was one of the entries that inspired my idea for “mosaics” in this blog.

The idea of mosaics laid in the pavement of success, the concept of “mosaic” in general, was especially meaningful – my lesson in life. I always want it all done, right now, all at once, one fell swoop. Do it, cross it off the to-do list, move on. And if it isn’t on the to-do list to cross off, I put it on the list just so I can cross it off. Sad, I know, but yes, I am an incorrigible list-maker/list crosser-offer (if that’s even a word?).

The concept of completing just one single mosaic on a given day, the concept of doing simple tasks instead of huge ones, moving slowly and having to faithfully PERSIST instead of rapidly finishing, those ideas are a horror to my soul. My spirit ALWAYS rebels against that. If it has to take time, if it has to be one step not all 30, I don’t want it, I hate it, I fight it. Just be one with that one moment, that one mosaic? Not a chance.

However, more than a few times now, I’ve had to slow down or even stop. I got sick in January and aside from being all congested, feverish, and achy, both my eyes got infected so badly all I could do was sit there. I couldn’t read, watch TV, play Solitaire on the computer, nothing. Just sit there. And think. A revelation.

I am coming to understand that as I get older, there will be more and more times I will have to go slower, go without answers, or have things taken from me. It’s part of life stripping things away. Even now I notice that some of the physical strength I had before isn’t there. I don’t like it. And even though I’m far from helpless and still have much strength, I can see the handwriting on the wall. Life will eventually take the rest. I know it’s coming. I also know if I don’t change my attitude, learn to “be” with that one mosaic at that one moment, it’s going to make me miserable, bitter, and unable to find the joy in life. I don’t want to live like that.

So hence, this blog and it’s name – mosaics. It fulfills a purpose that maybe I didn’t even realize when I chose it. I was drawn to it before I even knew why. But I imagine God knew what He was calling me to do. This blog is a day-by-day snapshot of what life means, of deeply pursuing an interest step-by-step, of collecting slowly over time, the mosaic pieces of my soul to see what larger picture emerges. It is “training in doing the single, simple task.” It is discipline in “faithfully persisting”…showing up every day to deliver something, even if on a given day, it is just a single small gift entry.

So, for today, my one mosaic in the pavement of success…..


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