The Post – Michelangelo

If I have any disagreement with Michelangelo, it’s that in the deepest, purest, man paints with his soul. His brain and hands are more on the same level, tools of the soul to bring about the divine. First, you must feel, your soul must speak, a truth must break out from your heart and demand to be released into the world. Whether it comes out in word, in song, in oils, that is merely the language of expression. The hands execute it, directed by the knowledge in the brain of how to craft the message. But the soul, the soul is the true author and artist of what comes out.

I would add a footnote to this…while a creation may or may not come out beautifully, its execution is not the issue. It is not the reflection of the true magnitude of the divine in the heart. We may not be able to match the likes of Michelangelo on canvas. We might even create garbage. It does not mean that our souls haven’t seen and heard God, and that the yearning in our souls is not true and earnest. It simply means our hands may not be up to the task of putting God on canvas. But have no doubt of the ability of any man’s soul to hear and see the divine.


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