The Post – An Appetizer

Today’s post is short – an appetizer before the meal. I’ve been doing a lot of oil painting the last few days, hence a bit quiet on the blog. I decided today, that even though I’m halfway done with this painting, it might be fun to take a bunch of pictures as it progresses toward the finish line. I’ll post the pictures of the progress, including close-up shots of things as they go from ‘base layers’ to finished item. The current painting is a New England coastal scene – no specific place in particular, but a composite of Rhode Island rocks, Rockport, Massachusetts rock piers and wood sheds, and of course, in the foreground, tide pool critters!  Tomorrow, I’ll get out my camera and take a bunch of shots to capture the painting as it currently is. I’ll also do some shots of how I arrived at that composition – early sketches etc. shots of my work area…just to set the stage for ‘status quo.’ Then every time some new things get finished on the painting, I’ll post new shots.

In the future, I’ll follow an entire art project from earliest sketches through completion. I wish I’d done that for this one as there’s things I took out — like the clouds in the sky, and the sky itself 2 or 3 times because it wasn’t right. The clouds were nice clouds, but given that the focus of the picture is on the town details on the left, then the tide pool creatures in the right front, clouds in the sky were just too busy. So I took them out. Still, it would have been nice to have a photographic record of things as I painted, scraped, and repainted.

Anyway, soon to follow – oil painting in progress…..


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