The Post – Art Update

You’re probably thinking I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Not at all. I’ve been working on a seascape oil painting that I promised to my sister a year ago. It’s coming along well. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday of that painting, along with a number of other paintings in progress or completed. I need to reformat them to fit this blog and it’s taking longer than expected, but do stay tuned. There will be photos coming of various art projects. In fact, I made so much progress today on that seascape, I may take a few more pictures tomorrow so you can see “befores and afters” of some of the more detailed parts of the painting – like the wharf buildings, town buildings, the lighthouse that I finally conquered, and a couple of fishing boats. So be patient with me. It’s just taking a bit longer to get it all together for the blog but they are in progress. Have a nice night!


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