The Gift

A little something this morning for everyone from artists and history buffs to geeks:

That old stone pier and red building in my New England seascape are based on the red wood building and historic stone pier in Rockport, MA, north of Boston.

For those of you who would like to see the actual pier and building, as well as the story behind it, including how the building was rebuilt after a storm washed it out to sea in 1978, just click the link: Rockport pier.

For a shot of the pier complete with Christmas wreath, click here.

And for those of you history buffs or geeks, click here to read an article from Harper’s Bazaar published in the late 1800s about the building of a rock breakwater in Rockport’s harbor a mile or so from the pier and the harbor. The article has all kinds of great techie details about the different ways to build a breakwater, the Rockport Granite Company and its pier, and how this particular breakwater in Sandy Bay was built. It also shows that whether in the 1800s or present day, anytime something new is introduced into an area, people will always question whether the change will be a benefit or a threat to their land, quality of life, and livelihood.


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