The Post – Tidbits: Seascapes, Fiddlers, Viruses and a Neat Art Blog to Share

Trying to get caught up on some things here as I was sick a few days last week and this past weekend. Hence, somewhat quiet on my blog front. On the mend, so I’ll be getting back on track soon.

The two pregnant female fiddler crabs are doing well. Scarlett O’Hara pretty much lives in the water filter and Melanie Hamilton has sequestered herself in the live rock. Admiral Byrd, with no ladies to wave at, has taken to his cave and engineering exploits. We noticed that he dug himself a tunnel and side door exit out of his fake rock cave…?remodeling before his next attempt to entice the ladies? Since they’re unavailable at the moment, I guess it’s as good a time as any for his home projects.

Given my respiratory bug and the fact I have to move my son home in a couple days from college, I decided not to do anything heroic this time yet to raise the babies. Since Melanie Hamilton is now in the loop for pregnancies along with Scarlett, I figure I’ll have ample time to try again. In the meantime, I am dropping food pellets in the spare tank now and then as a means to get the nitrogen cycle jump-started in there even though there are no critters currently in residence. I’ll let you know how my “critter-less nitrogen cycling” attempt goes.

I have made great progress on the New England seascape, which is almost done. I’m now done to small details in the right front corner, things like blue mussels, barnacles, rockweed strands, sea lettuce, a broken horseshoe crab shell, and of course, I’ll need to place a small hermit crab. I’ll be getting more photos soon but still working on the :Photoshop crashing problem. Argh….

In the meantime, a friend recommended this blog, an artist who tries to post an artwork a day. She works in a variety of media and her goal is to use the artwork a day as exercises to increase her productivity. In any event, it’s a neat blog, so I thought I’d pass it on. The name is:

Ashley Kesling: An Artwork A Day



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