The Post – Extra – If You Want To Hear a Thoughtful Politician: Sir David Frost Interviews Robert F. Kennedy

In today’s post I mentioned a compassionate intelligent interview that revealed Robert Kennedy in 1968, during his presidential bid that ended in his assassination. I need to correct one thing. It was David Frost, later Sir David Frost, who interviewed Bobby Kennedy, not Dick Cavett.

I found an interesting blog entry about this interview, on

His February 6, 2007 entry is entitled: Do they make politicians like this anymore? It speaks of that same interview I mentioned earlier today.

If you would like to hear that interview, click here. Gentlemanly is the word that comes to mind.

His blog title says it all – Do they make politicians like this anymore?

Kennedy understood back in 1968 that the real America might be more often found in places like Iowa, upstate New York, the small towns away from large frantic centers, where people live quietly while exhibiting courage and compassion. He was looking for the soul of the country, and I suspect, found it in places like the small Appalachian towns he visited in his last years of life.



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3 Responses to “The Post – Extra – If You Want To Hear a Thoughtful Politician: Sir David Frost Interviews Robert F. Kennedy”

  1. Jack Says:

    I’m glad you found that interview interesting, and inspiring too.

    Given the sheer heat of the public debate in 1968 it’s all the more amazing that Kennedy was so thoughtful and considered.

    Strangely enough just a few days ago and in the very same local secondhand record store here in London I came across a record of Spiro Agnew, VP to Nixon. Listening to the anger and bitterness of Agnew makes Kennedy’s approach seem all the more impressive.

    I’ll transfer the LP to digital and post later on this week.

    best wishes


  2. debrabailey Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind reply as well as the heads up about the Spiro Agnew posting. I appreciate your making these things available as well as taking the time to visit here. I’ve given this info to my readers in a new post so they know it’s coming. Best wishes to you,


  3. Listening to the man who put the vice into Vice President | Says:

    […] example of political communication and it was picked up just this month by Debra A. Baily on her Soul Mosiac blog. One of the things that so impresses me about Bobby Kennedy is that he presents such a reasoned, […]

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