The Post – New England Seascape pics…Have I Outwitted the Photoshop Demon?

I am trying to root out the source of my Photoshop problem crashing, and am testing something before going to the onerous task of taking it off the computer and reloading. So with any luck, here’s a couple closeup pics of the wharf details on my New England seascape painting :

The water has since had more details of foam and surf added, and I’ve added reflections in the water since then as well, of the rowboat, ladders and building. The painting itself is almost done as I’ve moved forward, finishing the waves, surf, foam, and front rocks. The rocks now have black and green algae coating, wave spray, small seashells, barnacles and blue mussels. Still some front details to go yet, but getting close.

Anyway, since this test worked, I am hoping it was the folder the pictures were in that was the problem and not Photoshop  per se. I’ll try some other pics soon, including some I have of the map of my Under the Pier town. Stay tuned.

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