The Gift – Extra – Goslings

Just a quick gift to all. I just looked out the back window and saw the two geese parents carefully, slowly watchfully, ascending the bank behind our house, with 5 wobbly new goslings stumbling along behind them.

We live on property that backs up to a pond. For the last month, a lone male goose has been standing a lonely vigil, guarding the pond. He sits all day, quiet, watchful. At dusk, and in the early morning, he flies up over the trees behind the pond, drops down, and checks on his mate who has spent the last 12 or 14 hours sitting on a nest.

He escorts her back to the pond and watches over her while she eats and bathes. The two then take off for a short flight to give her exercise, then he escorts her back to the nest. That done, he returns to the bank of the pond near our house and spends those same hours…protecting the territory for her.

Now that they are born, he leads his family up to my platform feeder in the back yard, to introduce his offspring to cracked corn. He will stand guard over them all while they eat. He eats last. He will drive away any other geese, and watches for hawks. When they take the newborns for a swim, the babies will follow in a line, sandwiched between dad and mom.

Perhaps people don’t like geese because they can be messy and there’s so many. But I always have to appreciate and respect the way they treat each other as mates, and how they nurture and look after their offspring. In watching them interact as a family, if I could apply three words of description, they would be:

“present” “serene” unhurried”

I don’t know about anyone else, but as a hurried, often unserene person racing around, I have to wonder which of us has got it right?

Will try to get photos…..


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