The Post – Spiro Agnew

One last trip down presidential memory lane in this election year. If anyone is interested in a contrasting approach to reaching the American public, there is a recording of an interview with Spiro Agnew. It is on the same blog that carried the Robert Kennedy interview done by Sir David Frost. Apparently both of these recordings were on old LPs the blog author found in a used record shop in London.

I listened to as much of Spiro Agnew’s sarcasm as I could. I will simply say that while Kennedy’s speeches gave one hope for a way out of the messes of that time, a real vision for the future, listening to Agnew leaves me depressed.

To see the polar opposite of hope, vision, and respect for one’s fellow citizens, especially those who don’t agree with you, I give you Spiro Agnew on The Man Who Put the Vice into Vice President

If ever there was a striking example of today’s gift saying by Marianne Williamson, this one is it. We came here with love. Listening to Agnew, it’s obvious, we learned fear here.


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