The Post – Second Geese Family Births

Well, just a small “happy moment” for the end of a long week:

If the 5 goslings the other morning weren’t enough of a gift, this morning my husband looked out the back window and said “There’s a SECOND geese family and they have babies too!”

I didn’t even realize there was a second pair nesting on the pond. However, obviously they were because today they brought out 4 more goslings. I just love it!

Both families were gathered around my tray feeder in the backyard that I’d filled with cracked corn. Fighting over it yes, but not too hard. For the most part, they sort of nudge each other out of the way. And even the local lone duck that resides at the pond is considered part of their “family” and he’s allowed to join them for dinner.

During the torrential downpour, one of the babies decided to take refuge in the tray feeder, which is shaped like a gazebo and has a roof over it. Smart boy. 🙂

I will get pics soon. Today’s downpour sort of interfered with that. Happy Friday!!

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