The Post – God Speaks, Even Without Fortune Cookies

In my May 8th post I wrote about synchronicity and God sending messages through books. I found out I wasn’t alone in that feeling when someone responded with a comment noting that they too often read things and feel messages are being sent through those written words.

On occasion, I’ve felt the same thing from a song lyric, a movie line, a billboard…even a fortune cookie saying. I guess God uses what’s most available, and in the end, it’s not the vehicle of delivery but the message that matters, that sense of quiet nudging, quiet asking.

Now, I can deal with book entries or songs or movies or fortune cookies. Some other, maybe even wiser person wrote the words, or some unseen force of the Universe delivered them into my hands at that precise moment. What I find particularly unnerving though, are those moments when absorbed in doing something else, usually something so deep and meaningful like …cleaning bathrooms or raking the yard, words just “jump in my head.”

I was working one day cleaning the house and mostly not thinking about anything at all, when suddenly the words flashed through my brain:

“You create your own world, through me, because we are one.”

I won’t even comment on that one further. The hair on the back of my neck still stands up …and that one came over a year ago.

And then there was the one while I was writing one day, and I was struggling. It felt like 10 tons of weight was on my chest. I didn’t want to write that piece, I wanted to just quit and give up. I stood up to walk away when this line popped in my head:

“Remember the quiet request. Can you turn your back on it?”

I shook my head, shoulders dropped, and I sat back down and started writing again.

Maybe it’s all imagination. I’m not special. My name isn’t Abraham or Moses or Mary. Last I checked, the angel, Gabriel, wasn’t outside my window. But then an entry from my meditation book reminded me that God speaks in the quiet moments. And he always speaks, to all of us. It’s just that in the busy, noisy times, or in our moments of pride we drown Him out. We just need an open heart…and a little quiet time.

So, without fortune cookies, without anyone else’s words or books or songs, I leave you words sent to me, that I suspect were meant for us all, and that I’m probably supposed to pass on. I’ll just get out of their way and share them:

“You create your own world, through Me, because we are one.”

“Remember the quiet request. Can you turn your back on it?”

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