The Post – Gosling Pictures and Seascape Update

As promised, some pics of the new goslings. These pictures seemed to work fine in Photoshop. I’m thinking the problem pictures of the New England seascape might just be those files. In any event, I’m almost done with that seascape and will be taking final shots afterward. So I’ll give those another try at that point. Maybe the Photoshop demon will be gone.

As to goslings, they are a joy. When life seems too stressful or hectic, just watching their simple appreciation of cracked corn in my ground level feeder, is a reminder of what’s really important in life. The 5 of them will sometimes even crawl into the feeder and fall asleep on the pile of corn. Not a bad life!

Stomachs full, it’s time to head for the pond.

In fact, Mom’s already halfway there and Dad is moving fast, so they need to run.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed the babies. The two hawks spend a lot of time circling overhead, something Dad here is very aware of as he shepherds the babies to the water.

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