The Post – Final Photos: New England Seascape Oil Painting

My earlier posts had photos of the New England seascape I’ve been painting for my sister. And for whatever reason, the Photoshop demon that plagued some of the intermediate photos of this painting, did not raise its ugly head for these. So, my final photos of this painting. If you want to compare these to earlier photos, just click here for the page that has all the previous links for the New England seascape photos.

And now, the first is a shot of the whole:

Then some closer shots of the left, middle, and right sides of the painting:

Some shots of the tide pool, rock and seaweed details, and foamy surf:

A couple shots of the pier and town (note my attempt at a Corvette for my brother-in-law in the town picture):

And last but not least, a hermit crab on the rocks, a nod to my Under the Pier main animal character!

So, now it will be on to other seascapes, paintings of my story’s diner (inside and out), and some pen and ink drawings with color washes of the various animal characters under the pier! Stay tuned.

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