The Post – A Couple More Lily shots and New Gosling Photos

A few more photo gifts of lilies, both “whole” and a close up of that small part of the flower that causes all our sinuses so much trouble with pollen. 🙂

And now, for a few new shots of the goslings. All 9 continue to survive, thrive and grow. Even though each set of parents are protective of their respective offspring, the two families do stay pretty close to each other and often the small ones interact, while all 4 parents stand guard.

Some shots of the parents as well. The first shot shows one parent with torn neck feathers, evidence of a slight disagreement with the other parents over territory for their babies:

And then there’s the goose popping up his head to check on what the kids are up to, much like a parent on the playground standing up to see where the kids have gone to:

Last – here’s a shot of my buddy. He is the last of the “pond ducks” – ducks who were born and raised here. At one point there were about 12 or 13, and one by one they’ve been killed by predators or died. I’ve buried a few as I found them near my yard….they were good friends. The last remaining one here comes into my garage looking for me if I haven’t filled the tray feeder in the backyard with some corn. He is gentle; just pads quietly around the corner of the house and comes a little ways into the garage when he sees me, quacking softly, almost inaudibly. He is old, and the sole survivor, and at night he is alone. Whatever ducks visit during the day, they fly off and he remains. So I just don’t have the heart to refuse him a treat. He never lets me get too close, but he knows the sound of my opening the feed bucket, and he follows me into the backyard as I carry the little container of corn for him. If he’s in the backyard and I call out hello, he comes up and waits for me to feed him. So…my buddy:


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