The Post – Vacation Comment

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but have taken a few weeks off. A much needed break to recover health, do a couple jobs, take a break from writing projects to explore some art possibilities, and also, time to consider where to go now with this blog, what things to focus on, etc. A sabbatical of sorts. I have some ideas that I will be sharing soon.

There will be a return to Under the Pier book posts. That needed a break so my editor’s eye could emerge enough to start on book revisions. However I have been at work on Under the Pier, in the art department. I have started some pen and ink drawings of the creatures in the story, to form an artists glossary of characters for the readers. I just did an experiment, doing the same scene with little goby fish on the sea bottom twice, one in oil paints and once in pen & ink with watercolor wash. I like both for different reasons and am now trying to decide which medium to proceed with. I have pics of both pieces that I’ll post the end of this week.

Also, on the “nature friend” front – there are thousands of little tadpoles hatched in the shallow waters of the pond – got pics of those coming too! And the front porch bird house DOES have a resident. Now if I could just get some night vision goggles to sit out all night with and see who is leaving large hoof marks in my gravel….

Anyway, no one is forgotten, just needed a rest and some time to think. 🙂

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