The Post – Drowning in Animal Stories

My back den is lined with a few boxes along one wall – FULL of printouts of animal stories I’ve found or read over the years. I’ve always felt I was supposed to do something with them – write about them, incorporate them in a story, paint them, something. But I never could figure it out, so hence, there they sit, in boxes and here I sit, drowing in animal stories.

In re-starting my blog I decided to focus on my art and art business, having taken a break from novel-writing. I realize that the focus of both of those topics is NATURE ie all my paintings and photos have to do with nature and animals. In my last few posts, I’ve shared some interesting NATURE and ANIMAL links.

It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps there is something I can do with some of those stories and new ones I come across – share them here. Sometimes just to share, sometimes to comment on. I may even try out some Haikus. But in some form or another, those tidbits of the natural world may finally have a use, and see the light of day.

So while some blogs focus on sports, or movie stars, or religion or politics, and certainly I may touch on one or two of those now and then, my blog must reflect my main interests and that is – the glory that is nature. My gift to you all, and my gift back to the natural world.

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