And What’s The Deal With All the Fiddler Crab Stuff?

If you want to know why I keep writing about fiddler crabs and hermit crabs like they’re personal friends, you’ll have to read the January 25 2008 post: Scarlett O’Hara Lives ! And How I Came To Love Fiddler Crabs. Just click here!

Also check on the January 29 2008 post: There really IS a deeper process at work here. Click here for that one.

To meet the crabs, click on:

Admiral Byrd , Melanie Hamilton, Scarlett O’Hara (pictures)

Other fiddler crab entries of interest:

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  1. Hey Baby! …. A Tribute to Admiral Byrd. « Soul Mosaic Says:

    […] to read the history of all the fiddlers, their antics, pregnancies, lives and deaths, just click here, or on the right sidebar […]

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