My Author’s Journey and Writing Credits

Listed below are a few published writing clips, a series of posts about my journey as a writer, writing and editing credits and basic career information.

Writing Clips:




The Posts:

The Post – Writing Fear, Luck, or Burn the Ships?

The Post – Okay, So Now That You’ve Met My Fiddler Crabs, Who is This Deb Bailey Writer Person?

The Post – Stage I: Apprenticeship – The Early Part

The Post – Apprenticeship, Take 2: Getting a Grip – The Anal Retentive Takes Over

The Post – Finally, I Graduate to Stage Two – Focusing the Lens

The Post- A Sidetrip to Essays – But the Bus NEVER Came Up This Far on the Curb Before!

The Post – Stage Three: Coming Into My Own – Evolution TO a Novel


Writing and Editing:

Established my own company to do freelance writing, substantive, cultural, and copy-editing, as well as pharmaceutical work. 1995 – Present. Publications or clients include:

The Copernicus Group Independent Review Board: Member of a medical ethics board that protects human subjects by reviewing clinical research studies and editing consent forms to explain the research in simple language to subjects of all ages. 1996 – 2006.

Carolina Parent: “Letter to My Son: Workday Mornings,” September 1996. Reprinted in the Mahoning Valley Parent, February 1997.

Boys’ Life: “Call of the Wild,” July, 1999.

IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. Wrote: CliffsNotes-Shaara’s The Killer Angels; CliffsNotes-Dickens’ Great Expectations. Both – June 2000.

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. (UK), in conjunction with Microsoft and St. Martin’s Press: lexicographer/cultural editor for the Encarta World English Dictionary,1999, and the Microsoft Encarta College Thesaurus, 2002.

The Writer: “That siren Solitaire,” March 2002.

Boys’ Life: “In Harm’s Way,” April 2006.

Boys’ Life: “Project Heroes,” March 2008.

Boys’ Life:  “Mars500 Project,”  January, 2009.

The North Carolina Naturalist: “Bacteria two-step,” Vol 18, #1, Spring/Summer 2010  (sidebar and photograph)

The North Carolina Naturalist: “Algae: Sublime Slime,” Vol 19, #2, Fall/Winter 2011 (co-authored main article with Morgan Earp)

The North Carolina Naturalist: “The Ground Is Alive…With the Work of Microbes,” Vol 20, #2, Spring 2012 (sidebar)

The North Carolina Naturalist: “Bioluminescence and Fluorescence: The Search for Truth in Nature,” Vol 22, #2, Spring 2014 (main article)

Miscellaneous information:

I have a B.S. degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from the University of Connecticut and am registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

I completed two courses with The Institute of Children’s Literature, as well as several continuing education classes at colleges in Connecticut and Duke University. These included courses on the business of freelance writing; feature writing; essay writing; and picture book writing.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, both the national organization and the local Carolinas chapter.

And last but not least, here’s that exciting chapter I mentioned for anyone interested in bacterial ancient history:

“Campylobacter and Spirillum,” Debra A. Phillip and Dr. Richard C. Tilton, CRC Handbook Series in Clinical Laboratory Science, Section E: Clinical Microbiology, Volume I. David Seligson, Editor-in-Chief, Alexander von Graevenitz, Section Editor. Cleveland: CRC Press, Inc., 1977.

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