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The Post: ANTS are coming!

March 17, 2009

Okay people.  A while back I mentioned that for fun, my husband and I decided to do one of those Uncle Milton Ant Farms again, you know, see how “big kids” like it. When the ant farm got here from Amazon a few weeks ago, I sent in the coupon for the ants. Of course, it being Feb/Mar…the ants aren’t always shipped right away. Well, today’s email held this little missive, so……arrival of ants, is imminent, or as the mails notes: “the ants are in transit!”

From the email:


Thank you for your order of ants from Uncle Milton Industries.  We are emailing to inform you that the ants have left our facility and are making their way to your location as we speak!  Please try to limit the amount of time the ants spend in transit by checking your mailbox everyday.

Thank you for choosing Uncle Milton Industries.