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The Post – New England Seascape painting – set 2 – details

April 28, 2008

Here’s a few updated shots of oil painting details. First up, the lighthouse. I managed to conquer it – finally got those sloping sides right and then was able to move onto railings and bars an antennae etc. Some days, things just come together…like it was the day for it or something. In any event, I am pleased with the lighthouse, right down to the little rivulets of water draining over the rocks and back into the surf:

Here’s the finished fishing boat that the other day was just a base layer of color, and now yes, it even has the churned up foam as it plows through a wave:

Last for today – the side of the wharf shed isn’t complete without a scattering of lobster buoys hanging on it’s side.

I will note that after I shot all these, I then sat down to paint and realized I’d forgotten to put some “reflections” in the water…so next set of pictures, I’ll include the reflections, as well as a couple shots of the finished town buildings.

Now, on to the waves in the middle and front of the picture. After that it’s time to finish up the rock details in front, and add some tide pool creatures up close on the right front bottom corner. To be continued…