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The Gift

November 10, 2008

If anyone is really interested in seeing the Huel Howser California’s Gold episode about where Toto is buried, click here.  It is the Huel Howser Production website that sells videos of the various episodes. Episode #9008, entitled “Pet Cemetary” has this description:

“Join us as we visit Toto from the ‘Wizard Of Oz’, Old Blue – one of the first animal stars of the silver screen, Arnold the Pig from ‘Green Acres’, the irresistibly scrappy Benji the dog, Pete from ‘Our Gang’, and many more….”

It’s available in VHS or DVD for $22.95.

So there you have it, folks – not only do you get Toto, but Arnold the Pig from Green Acres, as well!!!

The Post: Birthday Musings and Toto’s Grave Revisited

November 9, 2008

Greetings to all on this Nov 9th evening…and my 53rd birthday. I though it would be appropriate for a return to blogging, to start back on my birthday. I will simply say that I love birthdays, and I love getting older. Life is always an adventure, and age has a way of freeing you from constrictions of the earlier years and rules. Now it’s more a matter of “who am I now and what do I want the second half of my life to be now?” In the next posts I’ll talk about some changes in direction I am taking in my life and this blog.

For tonight, I have a “birthday present” for all of you, some followup on where Toto, the dog in the Wizard of Oz, is buried!!!

Back in April, I wrote a piece about what ever happened to Toto. My husband and I had narrowed down Toto’s burial location to an exit ramp for the Ventura Freeway. However, just recently, a blog reader, Gil, wrote me the following note and added more information to the Toto mystery. I though you would all enjoy this one, as I did!  Enjoy, and talk more soon!

From a reader:

The property where Toto is buried lies behind an apartment complex next to the Ventura freeway and the Los Angeles river. The apartment complex is called Diplomat Park Apartments in North Hollywood. I used to live there and just saw a Huel Howser California’s gold episode on PBS about famous pet grave sites. It confirmed what I was told about Toto’s grave location way back in the late ’80’s.

From The Post – So What Ever Happened to Toto?, 2008/10/22 at 12:23 AM