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The Post – The Continuing Saga of Scientific Method

January 28, 2011
A while ago I posted an article on my Facebook page from the New Yorker : the Truth Wears Off: Is There Something Wrong with the Scientific Method?” –
It was an very interesting article on the growing difficulty of reproducing scientific results.  I had no idea…
NOW, scientists from the Nature Conservancy respond to that issue:

Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 1 | Cool Green Science: The Conservation Blog of
Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 2 | Cool Green Science: The Conservation Blog of  by Robert Lalasz. 

Conservancy scientists Rob McDonald, Doria Gordon and Joe Fargione respond to Jonah Lehrer’s New Yorker article.

And Jonah Lehrer – the one who started this discussion – adds some further thoughts from his blog:


So the saga of “do we trust scientific study results or not” continues…..


The Post – Some BEAUTIFUL, Award-Winning Sea life Pictures

January 28, 2011

It’s been a very hectic week, so hence, the quiet on the blog front. But it is Friday and just making it through the week deserves a “something special” gift for all of you. So here it is, from Carol Grant. You just HAVE to check out her pictures.

Carol Grant, winner of 2009’s Nature Conservancy Photo contest, explains her photographic motivation: “I want to help our underwater world because it is where I feel most at home.” To learn more about Carol, click here

Click on slideshow of her work to see some amazing shots of her underwater world view.